ORANJESTAD - The Ministry of Transportation, Integrity, Nature, and Elderly Affairs, along with various rescue organizations and the Police, recently received information about a severe animal abuse case.

It involves several dogs of different breeds being kept under horrendous conditions by their owner.

Animal cruelty and abuse are unacceptable, but unfortunately, they occur every day in our community. The issue of animal welfare in Aruba encompasses not only stray dogs but also the abuse and cruelty that many pets endure in domestic environments.

The Aruban Animal Welfare Policy (MBAA) is a new approach focusing on the root causes of our animals' abuse issues. The government is taking a preventive approach to work at every level to prevent this problem from getting out of control. With MBAA, new legislation (animal welfare law) aims at protecting our animals. This law will address all aspects and issues in our community and empower authorities to act correctly and systematically.

Authorities urge the community to immediately report animal abuse to the neighborhood police and provide all details of the incident so that they can take swift action to alleviate the suffering of the animal. People should not wait until the situation becomes alarming; they should act at the first sign of abuse. It is up to the community to be vigilant and show empathy to save our animals, who are also part of our society.

The Ministry responsible for animal welfare will publish more information about our new approach to animal welfare. For more information, contact the Animal Control Center or CCC. You can find them on Facebook(external link) or call your local neighborhood police to report cases of animal abuse.  Please do not wait until it is too late to report animal abuse.

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