Measures of public order in connection with elections

Dit item is verlopen op 08-10-2017.

ORANJESTAD - In connection with the elections of the members of Parliament of Aruba on September 22, the government has taken various measures in the interests of public order, tranquility and security on that day.

In accordance with National decree No. 1 No. DWJZ / 1103/17 of  August 28, 2017 and the Ministerial Order DWJZ No.1104 / 17 of  August 31, 2017, the sale, delivery and / or supply of alcoholic beverages to the public is prohibited on Thursday, September 21 from 18:00 hrs until Saturday September 23, 2017 to 6:00 hrs.

The stores in which, in addition to goods, strong or weak alcoholic beverages are sold may remain open but may not sell, deliver or supply alcoholic beverages.

Hotels and lodgings may remain open and sell only alcoholic beverages to their own guests, not residents.

Restaurants may also remain open, but the strong and weak alcoholic beverages contained therein may not be sold, with the exception of the restaurants of Reina International Reina Beatrix, exclusively to departing and transit carriers

For the so-called refresquerias and snack bars, it is also forbidden to sell or deliver  alcoholic beverages.

In accordance with Ministerial Decree DWJZ No 1133/17 dated August 31, 2017 of the Minister of General Affairs, it is also forbidden on the day of the elections, September 22, from 6:00 hrs  to 20:00 hrs to use a sound amplification device within a distance of fifty meters from a polling station. It is not permitted to make announcements regarding the elections and / or to play music.

The police will strictly monitor compliance with these measures.