Request In Aruba domiciled Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Aruba Exempt Corporation (AEC) with managing director(s) not subject to a license

  • What are the requirements?

    When submitting an application one must take into account aforementioned regulation and the applicable guidelines.

    • Granting of a license pursuant to the Business Licensing Ordinance does not imply automatic approval of other required licenses.
    • Pursuant to the Regional development ordinance (AB2006 no. 38) all business types are required to have an adequate place of business.
    • The activities per location should be related as much as possible to one another.
  • Description

    According to the Business Licensing Ordinance it is prohibited to establish and to operate a business, to take over or to continue a business, without a license of the Minister of Economic Affairs. A business is defined as any organization involved in the trade of goods and/or services  An Aruban born Dutch national or a person nationalized as Dutch citizen in Aruba and who is 18 years or older, does not require a business license to act as director according to this ordinance and the Business Licensing guidelines.

  • What to take with me?

    The application form with an Awg. 4,00 stamp and the required documents (if applicable) mentioned in the guidelines.

  • What are the costs involved?

    The fee for this license application is Awg. 400,00 for each corporation/company.

    According to the regulation of fees DEACI the fees due have to be paid for processing. By or on behalf of the director of the DEACI a statement will be issued regarding the amount of the fee.

  • Where to request? / More information at

    The division Establishment of business - helpdesk, office no. 15. Tel. 582-1181 ext. 250 of the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry.

  • How to request? / What must I do?

    The application must contain the data of the corporation/company and the director(s), as well as of the to be established business (business activities, address etc.). Request can be submitted at the Helpdesk or by filing an online form:

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