Generation of Leaders - Integraal Jeugdbeleid 2015-2020

The title of this first Integral Youth Policy 2015-2020 for Aruba is: "Generation of Leaders". This title is very deliberately chosen. This Cabinet seeks a sustainable development for Aruba where special attention is paid to the sense of community. In this context the Integral Youth Policy must eventually lead to healthy young people who participate in society and are motivated to develop their talents and potential. Today's young people are regarded as the new generation of leaders of our country.

The Integral Youth Policy target group is young people starting from conception to 18 years and is based on the life of youngsters. How the life of a youth will develop not only has to do with avoiding threats, but rather with the formation of a strong and fully developed character resulting in the making of responsible choices guided by values and actions that are ethical which are characteristic of good citizenship. Standards and values, essential qualities of good leadership, are not something we are born with, rather something that is acquired. In addition, boosting self-esteem, self-awareness, self-control, motivation, empathy and social skills are essential. We do this by learning and retaining good habits. The learning and maintaining good of good habits can, with the necessary guidance and support, be done by anyone regardless of background.

For more information you may consult the complete report.