National ordinances (laws)

A law is called a national ordinance in Aruba. A national ordinance is a decree that contains generally binding regulations, taken jointly by the government and Parliament, by a procedure as described in the Constitution of Aruba.  National ordinances are sources of law, yet they are not the only system where rules of law are found. National decrees, encompassing general measures and ministerial regulations contain generally binding regulations as well. In addition, there are international treaties or decrees of international organizations (e.g. the European Union), which generally may include binding regulations. Traditions and verdicts of legal entities (jurisprudence) are also sources of law. Furthermore, issues such as principles of equality and general principles of good governance also play a key role.

  01. Constitution

  02. Public administration

  03. Public sector workers

  04. Public finance

  05. Public order

  06. Public housing, regional/spatial planning and environmental protection

  07. Public health

  08. Public safety

  09. Traffic, transportation and telecomunication

  10. Economic affairs

  11. Labor

  12. Social care and social security

  13. Education and culture

  14. Justice (legal procedure)

  15. Civil law

  16. Criminal law

  17. Military service


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